Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wine or Oxblood Lips

Wine/Oxblood Lips are fun trend especially in fall & winter months.  The colors resonate so well with pale skin and deeper shades for fall & winter but can be worn anytime.  I love this look.  It's a bit vampy & reminds me of the 90's, although this was popular back into the 20's.  If you are not comfortable wearing red then this may be even harder to wear but again can be done with a stain to test drive.  I would follow the same guidelines as the makeup levels for red lips.  Although, I do not think this can be worn all that well with a smoky eye, unless you have the je ne sais quoi, to pull it off.  I prefer this look with a bare eye, liner, mascara, base, concealer, a very faint pink or sienna blush, a bit more of a matte face & the bold lip.  This look has such a richness to it, yet comforting & cozy.  It's a bold beautiful classic and anyone can wear it.  The shades vary from berry, deep red, brownish red, and deep cocoa.   
To keep your dark or bright lip shades from feathering, apply one coat of liner, lipstick, then lightly dust a light coat of powder over lip area, then apply another coat of lipstick.  

Check back next week for the fushia lip.

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