Monday, September 30, 2013

Mani Monday

Hi Guys!!

Sorry I don't have a Mani for you today.  My polish from last week is still looking great & I'm at a loss of color inspiration. week, should I go for a classic red, coppery metallic, grey with a purple tint, or sage green???

Have a great week!!!


Friday, September 27, 2013

Rosy Gold Bebe: Swell Haul

Rosy Gold Bebe: Swell Haul: I did a little online shopping at  Swell is one of my favorite online retailers, ever!  They're clothes are very California co...

Rosy Gold Bebe: My Skin Care Routine

Rosy Gold Bebe: My Skin Care Routine: Here are my favorite skin care items.  I have some favorite items from other brands but these are my most current favorites.  These products...

Rosy Gold Bebe: Friday Favorites

Rosy Gold Bebe: Friday Favorites: Happy Friday!!!  Here are my Weekly Favs! Edgar Degas painting, my all time favorite artist & piece. Fav Easy Trendsetting...

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!!  Here are my Weekly Favs!

Edgar Degas painting, my all time favorite artist & piece.

Fav Easy Trendsetting Piece:  Old Navy, Navy Fedora
Fun Fall Hat
Fav hairstyle of the week

Fav term of endearment

Fav way to relax & have some fun
Have a Great Weekend!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rosy Gold Bebe: My Skin Care Routine

Rosy Gold Bebe: My Skin Care Routine: Here are my favorite skin care items.  I have some favorite items from other brands but these are my most current favorites.  These products...

My Skin Care Routine

Here are my favorite skin care items.  I have some favorite items from other brands but these are my most current favorites.  These products have various price ranges.  They are all pretty natural products that provide antiaging benefits, clean skin, & hydration.   I love that the Pacifica & Eve Lom Cleansers tone the skin, although I am using Fresh's Rosewater toner.  Also my favorite lipbalm that I apply every morning & night after my routine is Smith's Minted Rose LipBalm.  I don't have a favorite eye makeup remover brand but I do prefer the oily looking ones that must be shaken.  Those remove eye makeup the best.

I am in search of a great light weight, non irritating SPF.  Any suggestions or favorites??

 Fav AM Cleanser
foaming gel cleanser for all skin types 

Morning Eye Gel for de-puffing

Hydrating Serum with Lactic Acid,
to minimize pores & fine lines & wrinkles...use in PM.

Favorite Eye Cream for PM
reduces fine lines

Favorite Hydrating Mask.  I occasionally use this as a thin layer for a night cream or specifically when I've had a few cocktails.

Favorite Deep Cleansing Mask

All around fav cleanser.  I love this for evening, it removes the days dirt, makeup, & impurities.
Eve Lom has a beautifully smart way of cleansing the skin & I love the way this smells!!

Favorite Night Cream, it is rich but the skin will absorb beautifully when you use a small amount.  

Favorite Day Cream, this is light weight but adds enough moisture for me for  the daytime.  Smells heavenly & provides great anti aging.  

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Swell Haul

I did a little online shopping at  Swell is one of my favorite online retailers, ever!  They're clothes are very California cool.  They are super cute, fun, & laid back.  They were having a sale with an additional 30% off & I am in transition from my original size & pregnancy.  Plus I needed some fun Minnetonka's for fall, hair ties to pull my hair back when Pippa grabs onto it, & a button down to discreetly breastfeed in public.

Minnetonka Leopard Moccasins

Polka Dot Button Down Shirt by Quicksilver

Minnetonka Coral Moccasins

Kitsch Hair Ties

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mani Monday

This Week's Mani was inspired by a color my sis had on her nails.  My mom, sis, & I went to the Art Institute of Chicago for the Impressionism, Fashion, & Modernity Exhibition.  We had a blast but I noticed her polish, loved it, & decided to do one that's somewhat similar.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Sinful Colors (found at Walgreens for $1.99) has great colors & wears beautifully.  With a great top coat, you'll get minimal chipping.  The color is called Bare.

September Citrus Lane

September's Citrus Lane Box Came!!!  I am SO excited!!  I researched a few & found this to be the best reviewed box for kiddos.  If you're not familiar with monthly boxes, they are a subscription where you receive a monthly box of goodies, for a set price.  You can find beauty boxes, kid boxes, nail polish boxes, & hair products, etc.  I really want to do a beauty one in the near future but decided to go ahead & sign up for my lil Pipparoo.  

Each month there is different themed box.  
September marks the beginning of fall & means more time spent indoors.  All the items are more indoorsy.  I am thrilled with my first box & can't wait for Octobers'.  I do plan on my monthly box reviews being videos but am having a hard time getting them done at this time.  Pippa hasn't been napping during the day which leads to a very fussy grumpy girl=no videos right now.  : (  Sorry.

We received a book to teach numbers, a lamb ball toy, 2 travel sizes of diaper rash cream, a shampoo & body wash, nail polish for mom, & discount on another polish.  

The book is 123s by Charlie Harper.  It's a really cute book & I am so excited to read it to Penelope, as she gets bigger.  The print art in it is amazing with beautiful colors & amazing details.  The lamb ball toy is by Skip Hop, that has chimes in it & makes chime noises as it moves about.  It is meant to encourage crawling for baby, as it rolls.  The arms are colored & crunchy sounding.  It is super soft & adorable.  I was really excited to get the lil lamb because I was JUST looking at him online & considering on purchasing him.  The diaper cream is Dr. Smith's & I'm really intrigued on trying it.  I've heard good reviews & it's supposed to give immediate relief to the raw lil cooli area.  I'm going to keep one, to give it a try & send the other to my sis-in-law.  The shampoo & body cleanser is by Episencial & called Babytime Playful Wash.  It is organic, plant based, vegan, & gluten free.  It's fancy & made with solar power & is reef safe.  It is enriched with natural calendula & moisturizing tangerine oil.  It smells amazing & I wish you could smell it right now.  I really look forward to using this during a daytime bath, as it is a stimulating bath wash.  We'll play with that after I get Pippa into a daytime napping routine.  
The nail polish is Julep and called Coco-It Girl, which is a pretty chocolate red...think Essie's Wicked or Chanel's Vamp.  Julep's polishes are good quality, safe for toddler,  strengthening, packed with antioxidants, & infused with oxygen technology.  Along with the polish was a 20% off your first order at  Look for the color in a upcoming Mani Monday.

Overall these items I received are worth more than the monthly membership fee of $25.  I paid 12 for my first month, plus I really wanted that lamb chime ball & have been interested in Julep's nail polishes.  So, needless to say, I am pretty pumped for our goodies & look forward to October's box.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Delayed Makeup Videos

I apologize for not getting more makeup videos complete & posted.  I've had a rough time getting any done as Penelope hasn't been sleeping well during the day and by the time I get her down, I am ready for bed.  I promise to get some done posted soon.

Any fall makeup must haves??

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! Here are my Weekly Favorites!

Favorite Inspiration

Favorite use of color & blogger, Cara Loren.  Check her out @

Favorite Fall Shoe

Favorite Beauty Tutorial

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Penelope's Nursery

Penelope's nursery is not quite finished. I still have to order her wall art & pick up a mirror at my folks.  We also haven't gotten a mattress or mobile yet. Please excuse our delays. I hope you like her nursery.
Everything is recycled, either hand me down or purchased from someone in the neighborhood.  The only thing we purchased was the toy chest, paint, & hardware. All the shelves, changing table, & dresser Jay repainted. The new hardware is from  Paris themed items are from my baby shower, & the rest was mine. Our beautiful window valance, quilt, & bed skirt were made by my sister in law's mom, with matching bumper pads. The other two blankets seen are from & a beach vendor from Puerto Vallarta. We love the use of color, vintage feel, & comfort within Pippa's nursery.

Hope you love it just as much as we do! I'll post photos of the wall art, as soon as we get it together.  The photos turned out super warm, sorry about that.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sally Beauty Supply Haul

I wanted to do a video on this but had a hard time finding time.  It's been a busy week for us & could only make small increments of time to type & take photos.

Anyways...I recently went to Sally's Beauty Supply, to pick up self tanning gloves & a new polish cleanup brush. I wound up getting some other items. : ) I'm a beauty junkie & was very intrigued. I typically never buy makeup from Sally's but loved the gloss colors & needed a new white eyeliner. There was a deal on the polish. Buy 2 get a free set of false lashes.

One polish is a rosy brown & the other is a golden purple.  The rosy brown is really pretty & I have a feeling I'll be wearing it a lot!  The glosses, I LOVE!!  The texture is nice & smooth, not too goopy.  The purply shimmery color is awesome!!...Major fav!  I'm not a big gloss girl, I'm a major lipstick lover, so for me to say I LOVE these, says a lot!!!!  These glosses have great pigments & wear well.  The white eyeliner is nice, just nice though...nothing about it wows me.  As for the gloves, these are THE best for selftanning app.  They are reusable & thick, not some cheap rubbery things that rip sooner than anyone would care for.  These are sturdy & great quality.  The synthetic brush I get, I absolutely love except that it needs to be replaced too often.  The polish remover wears away at the brush til it breaks & is unusable.  I usually have to replace it once a year, but for $8, that's no biggie with the amount I do my nails.

China Glaze "Awakening" & "Fifth Avenue"
Beauty Secrets #6 Synthetic Brush

Palladio Hydrating Lip Glosses in "Bubble Gum" & "Baby Doll"
Palladio White Eyeliner 

Ardell Natural Black Wispies
Sally's Beauty Haul