Monday, November 11, 2013

Mani Monday & Recap of Last Week's Polish Julep's Coco

Happy Mani Monday!!!!  I decided to go with my all time favorite polish, Essie's Island Hopping.  I LOVE this color because it's a beautiful purply nude shade.  It works with all makeup colors & doesn't clash with any outfit.  I've noticed this shade is a little harder to find, as most Walgreens & CVS seem to no longer carry it.  I love this polish with any skin color too.  SO pretty.  

Recap of last week's polish: Julep's Coco  
This polish wore so wonderfully for a dark color.  It actually wore for 6 days before chipping.  Keep in mind, I am primarily a stay at home mom who cleans every day & washes dishes by hand, every single day.  So for this beautiful dark color to wear so well, means to me, it is great quality...not to mention advertised as safe for children's wear.  : ) 

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