Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November's Citrus Lane Box

November's box was pretty good.  We received a twist teether which clanks & has bright fun colors.  This is good for Penelope because she's starting to play with toys by gripping, shaking them & putting them in her mouth.  She definitely gets excited when she plays with her toys.  

The Clutch from Boon was another item added.  This is for cleaning bottle nipples, paci's, and sippy cup lids in the dishwasher.  I wasn't very excited about this item, as I do not have a dishwasher.  I am the dishwasher.  

A Starter Bib from Bumkins was included & is pink with birds & flowers on it.  This bib is lightweight & seems easy to clean.  It has a catch-all pocket for crumbs.  This will be a nice bib for Penelope when she eats solids. 

Lip Comfort by Pur Lisse was in the box as a perk for parents.  This is a silky lip balm with no flavor or scent.  It hydrates wonderfully & feels great for quite awhile.  I prefer a balm that has a soft rose or rose mint scent or vanilla mint.  I am not a huge fan of a plain balm but know this will be great for Chicago's harsh winter months.  

Four sets of address labels from TinyPrints & free shipping.  Guess where our Holiday cards are coming from!  : ) That's right, TinyPrints!  We planned on going with minted.com but I might as well embark on the special.  Tinyprints does have a lovely selection of cards.  I will be getting Thank you cards added to my order, as well.

The teether toy, bib, & TinyPrints offer were the best part of this months box.  I could've done without the lip balm & dishwasher container.  I will hold onto the dishwasher container til we have one.  

I do hope December's box will be filled with more exciting items!  

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