Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mary Kay Lash Building Serum vs Neu Lash

Neu Lash can be found at or BlueMercury
As some of you may know, I am a huge advocate for lash growing serums.  I used Neu Lash in the past which gave me super long lashes.  I had such long full lashes, people would ask if I was wearing fakes.  It was the beauty of Neu Lash.  Unlike Latisse, it has no harmful side effects except for a little bit of pinkness around the lash line within the first couple months of use.  When I was a Mary Kay rep, MK launched a lash growing serum, which I began using.  It maintained my long full lashes wonderfully.  
When I was pregnant in my 6th month, my lashes broke down & got teeny tiny.  I was devastated & kept using my MK lash building serum.  The lashes would not grow at all.  I attribute that to my hormones, as I discovered during pregnancy this was a common thing.  About a month after having Penelope and continuing the MK lash building serum, my lashes began growing back in.  They did not get as long as Neu Lash made them, but gave a pretty length & fullness, just not quite what I was seeking.  Back to Neu Lash, my lashes are getting much fuller & longer.  I am excited to be getting them back in gear, as my lashes before Neu Lash were not short, sparse, stubby lashes.  They were acceptable to my standards, while pregnancy made them short, sparse, & stubby.  
So I am attesting Neu Lash as the better lash builder, although more costly.  MK lash building serum does offer pretty length, is more affordable, & still enhances lashes.  I would hop on the Latisse wagon but do not want to change my eye color, darken my lids, or deal with a prescription getting filled.  

Do you have a favorite lash building product???

Latisse is prescribed by a doctor

Mary Kay Lash Building Serum can be found from your local MK representative.

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