Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunny Coral Lip

Coral Lip is by far my most favorite!!!  Anyone who knows me, knows this is my jam.  I own so many shades of coral, it's absurd, and I'll keep buying... It's a serious addiction for me.  I think a coral lip is gorgeous on everyone!  I feel it's the most scary option though.  Most people shy away from it because it has a reputation for being "granny-ish".  Not so!!  Coral is lively & fun!  It can be subdued or bold.  Warm or cooler.  This is a lip that looks gorgeous with brown smoky, gold smoky, or soft neutral eye shades, or a clean lid with minimal liner & mascara.  Even the palest skin can get a warm appearance wearing a coral lip, you don't have to be tan or bronze it up.  (Preconceived notion)
Liven your look with a coral lip, it's really easy to wear & beautiful.  

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