Thursday, November 7, 2013

What's in my Baby Bag??

I thought I'd go through and show what is in my baby bag.  I utilized Jessica Alba's diaper bag list from her book, Honest Living.
In Penelope's cosmetic case (aqua, pink, & green printed bag) I keep extra breast pads, small tubes of diaper cream, travel baby powder, tums, first aid essentials, baby nail files, advil, benadryl, travel lint brush, tide to go stick, boogie wipes or mustela face wipes.  The small black & white pouch contains a few bobby pins, safety pins, & my travel mani set.  In the Jansport I keep my apple & bee giraffe changing pad, Honest travel diaper wipes, Honest diapers, nursing cover, bottle, apple & bee giraffe bottle container (which keeps milk at desired temp for hours), House of Harlow sunnies, wallet (not shown), an extra set of Pippa's clothes & socks, owl hat, & a few burp cloths.  I recently ordered some really cute bibs from Etsy, a few will get added to the bag.  Penelope has been drooling like crazy and soaking her shirts, so we feel she could really use some bibs.  I love the fun prints you can find on Etsy & dwell studio.  I ordered some bibs with sugar skulls, mermaids, ballerinas, & one specifically called Penelope visits Paris, it's a pretty rose shade with the Eiffel Tower.  

In the front pocket of the Jansport I keep ear buds, ear bud connector for my fancy iphone case, my inhaler, makeup bag (red with anchors) with The Balm's pressed powder & powder poof from Trish McEvoy, my lipstick of the day, owl hand mirror, & small tube of hand lotion.  In the front pocket I also keep Honest Company's spray hand sanitizer, Burt's Bees lipbalm, & a fruit & nut pack (incase we're on the go & hunger strikes), Trident, & travel pack of tissues.

If Pippa took a paci, I would have an extra paci with one of my home made paci clips & paci wipes.  After I finish the travel sizes of diaper cream, I'll have one full size tube of Honest Company's Healing Balm.  The Burt's Bees lipbalm is primarily for Jay & the advil, benadryl, tums, & first aid needs are obviously for us.  I like to be prepared for almost anything & since we share one diaper bag, this works for us.  I have been looking at other diaper bags such as Marc Jacobs & Michael Kors bags that can be suitable.  I do like a monogram option I found on  I may go with that and have Pipps initials put on for a bag she can have in the future.

Leave a comment below & let me know what you Must Have in your diaper bag & where you got your diaper bag.  : )

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