Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Red Lips

I had a request recently to talk about Red Lips.  I've heard time and time again, " I can't do a red lip."  You CAN!!!   I believe anyone can wear a red lip.  There are so many ways to do this.  You can do it with minimal makeup, medium makeup, or heavy.  I prefer minimal or medium makeup, for myself or everyday.  I love Heavy for darker skins, dark hair, or evening.  
 Minimal makeup would be a tinted moisturizer, concealer, soft liner, mascara, soft blush, maybe a tinted brow gel, & red lip.  Medium makeup would be foundation, concealer, soft neutral eyeshadow, liner, mascara, blush, brow color, maybe a highlighter, & red lip.  Heavy would be the same as medium but with darker eye shadows or a smoky eye.  
There are SO many versions of Red Lips such as, orange-red, pink-red, true red, dark red.  
Wearing a red lip with light makeup

Wearing a red lip with medium makeup
The key is to venture out into colors that you find are more comfortable for you.  Try a stained red lip, found in a lip stain or tint.  These are more subtle and easy to start with.  
Stained Red Lips

Pinkish Red Stain
If you are really uncomfortable with a red lip, try it first with minimal makeup & on a day that you're simply running errands, to allow yourself time to adjust.  Then, as your comfort level increases, go ahead & wear it to work, out in more social environments, or go with a lipstick for more brightness & pigment.  Ease into it.  It's an easy, quick way to dress up your look, while maintaining a classic look.
On days that I want to feel better, I throw on a red lip.  If I am extra tired & look that way, I throw on a red lip, it immediately brightens my face & mood.  Now is the time of year that a red lip can easily be pulled off well.   

Check back for my feedback on dark, wine lip, or otherwise known as oxblood red.  : )

Amber Fillerup from wearing MAC Russian Red

A beautiful spectrum of reds.  NYX brand selection

NYX Fire, a warm pink red.

Minimal to Medium Makeup with an orange red lip

Amber Fillerup from wearing MAC Russian Red

Heavy Makeup with Red Lip

Jessica Alba wearing an Orange Red Lip, one of my fav lipsticks by Bobbi Brown Orange.

Gwen Stefani wearing a bluish red lip, MAC Ruby Woo
Brown Red Lip

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