Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Butt Paste & Honest's Healing Balm

I recently went through 2 tubes of Butt Paste on Penelope.  I used the white Original formula & nude colored Natural one.  I have yet to see a diaper rash on Penelope (knock on wood), so I'm not quite sure if it's the efficiency of the Butt Paste?  We did find ourselves adding an additional layer of vaseline to allow the poop to simply slide off the skin.  Well with that in mind, I decided to nix the Butt Paste & Vaseline combo when we ran out.  I have dabbled a bit with the Honest Healing Balm.  This product has a vaseline type of texture & is clear.  Butt Paste both nude color & white left stains on Penelope's skin in her nether region, which was a little concerning for me & annoying.  

I'm going to use Honest's Healing Balm going forward.  It is organic, smells nice, has a great texture, & nixes the need for 2 products.  Not only is this a great product for the diaper area but it can used anywhere anytime, need be.  I may try it as a night cream, it's already an amazing hand cream, as it soaks beautifully into the skin, while offering superb moisture.  I do look forward to experimenting with it as my skin may get chapped in the chilly winter months.  

I like the concept behind Butt Paste & am sure it works wonderfully for some but the staining alone weirded me out, too much.  Just another reason for me to love my delivered diapers & wipes (both biodegradable with super cute the best I've tried) and delivered home goods, bath products, etc.  I love Honest Co!! If you haven't tried them you can get a trial sent to your home for the cost of shipping (??$5??).  The wipes are thick & durable, I like them much better than the standard wipes found on the market which are loaded with artificial, over powering fragrance, & super flimsy, I end up needing more = more waste.  Plus, I've had way less blowouts & leaks with Honest diapers than Huggies or Pampers.  Check out Honest Company @

(I am not endorsed by Honest Company just an honest review)

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