Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cozy Fall Weather = Joffrey Ballet, & Christkindl Market Upon Us!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!  Fall is upon us granted, here in Chicago we are enduring a beautiful Indian Summer.  I am thoroughly enjoying this weather & thrilled that I get to dress my lil one in the 0-3 month summer clothes, she didn't fit into when she born.    As I looked at for warmer clothes for the chillier months upon us, I began to think about all the fall & winter fun that lies ahead.  

I love this time of year for the cozy clothes, warm soup, pretty fall leaves, but mostly for my volunteer work with Joffrey Ballet & venturing to the Christkindl Market.  If you did not know, I volunteer for Joffrey Ballet & am a true ballet lover.  I adore everything ballet!  I can not wait to work Joffrey's Nutcracker show & see the performance.  They really do a beautiful job.  
Of course with that in mind, the Christkindl Market is a great time too.  Christkindl Market is a pre-Christmas festival that originally takes place in Germany, but for Chicagoans, the heart of the loop, downtown Chicago.  There is hot wine, yummy soup, potato pancakes, weiner schnitzel, brats, and mid-day crepes.  There are tons of little booths set up for selling desserts, handmade goods, ornaments, nutcrackers, and things of that nature.  I love to pick up a loaf of Stolen, for toasting & smearing with butter, for breakfast.  I also love getting my favorite German Chocolate & day dreaming about all the beautiful Nutcrackers, I can add to my growing collection.  If you have never been, you must go.  The weekends are crazy unless you get there before it opens or enjoy supper on a weekday.  

Amongst pumpkin patches & beautiful fall strolls through the neighborhood, & of course, my always beloved Halloween, I am really looking forward to all the family fun & festivities that come with this lovely time of year.  

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