Thursday, October 17, 2013

Penelope's 1st Halloween

Halloween is upon us & as some of you may know, it is my all time favorite holiday ever!!  I love Halloween, I wish my hubby loved it as much as I do, cause I would go to town!!  Maybe that's what kids are for!  : )

So for Penelope's first Halloween, I think she may be a lil black kitty, sort of as seen below.  No bundting costumes for my lil pumpkin.  They're cute just not my style.  I really wanted Pippa to be a homemade sushi roll but Jay said, no way!  : ( Boo!  Maybe next year, til then a lil black kitty she shall be.  I really look forward to going to town with crazy Halloween makeup & making her ghoulish.  I may have to wait a bit for that too.  I'll do a little makeup to go with her kitty look, if possible.  ; )  

Of course who can resist all the cute outfits that can be worn leading up to Halloween & immediately after.  Not this mama, check out the outfits I got for my lil miss.

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