Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Citrus Lane

September's Citrus Lane Box Came!!!  I am SO excited!!  I researched a few & found this to be the best reviewed box for kiddos.  If you're not familiar with monthly boxes, they are a subscription where you receive a monthly box of goodies, for a set price.  You can find beauty boxes, kid boxes, nail polish boxes, & hair products, etc.  I really want to do a beauty one in the near future but decided to go ahead & sign up for my lil Pipparoo.  

Each month there is different themed box.  
September marks the beginning of fall & means more time spent indoors.  All the items are more indoorsy.  I am thrilled with my first box & can't wait for Octobers'.  I do plan on my monthly box reviews being videos but am having a hard time getting them done at this time.  Pippa hasn't been napping during the day which leads to a very fussy grumpy girl=no videos right now.  : (  Sorry.

We received a book to teach numbers, a lamb ball toy, 2 travel sizes of diaper rash cream, a shampoo & body wash, nail polish for mom, & discount on another polish.  

The book is 123s by Charlie Harper.  It's a really cute book & I am so excited to read it to Penelope, as she gets bigger.  The print art in it is amazing with beautiful colors & amazing details.  The lamb ball toy is by Skip Hop, that has chimes in it & makes chime noises as it moves about.  It is meant to encourage crawling for baby, as it rolls.  The arms are colored & crunchy sounding.  It is super soft & adorable.  I was really excited to get the lil lamb because I was JUST looking at him online & considering on purchasing him.  The diaper cream is Dr. Smith's & I'm really intrigued on trying it.  I've heard good reviews & it's supposed to give immediate relief to the raw lil cooli area.  I'm going to keep one, to give it a try & send the other to my sis-in-law.  The shampoo & body cleanser is by Episencial & called Babytime Playful Wash.  It is organic, plant based, vegan, & gluten free.  It's fancy & made with solar power & is reef safe.  It is enriched with natural calendula & moisturizing tangerine oil.  It smells amazing & I wish you could smell it right now.  I really look forward to using this during a daytime bath, as it is a stimulating bath wash.  We'll play with that after I get Pippa into a daytime napping routine.  
The nail polish is Julep and called Coco-It Girl, which is a pretty chocolate red...think Essie's Wicked or Chanel's Vamp.  Julep's polishes are good quality, safe for toddler,  strengthening, packed with antioxidants, & infused with oxygen technology.  Along with the polish was a 20% off your first order at julep.com  Look for the color in a upcoming Mani Monday.

Overall these items I received are worth more than the monthly membership fee of $25.  I paid 12 for my first month, plus I really wanted that lamb chime ball & have been interested in Julep's nail polishes.  So, needless to say, I am pretty pumped for our goodies & look forward to October's box.

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