Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Penelope 1 Month...Already!

I can't believe my lil Pipa-Roo is 1 Month old.  The month flew!!  I got her onesie stickers from Etsy, Purple Possum.  Headband (my binge of many) is from Harts and Roses, Etsy.  Her onesie is Gerber, rocking chair was my Great Grandfathers that I used as a child, bunny was mine from when Build-a-Bear began, and the blankie was mine as a child, made by my Great Grandma.

Harts and Roses makes the cutest headbands & Lace Petti Rompers!!  I definitely NEED a lace petti romper for a near future professional photo.

On her 1st month, she has already accomplished so much!!  She smiles, not a ton but her pediatrician says it will increase incredibly soon.  She focuses a ton, kicks a lot, pushes us away when she's tired of us kissing her, she loves tummy time & has great neck strength & honest to goodness, rolled over for the first time, late last week.  She's not a huge paci fan but since week #1, she has been able to push it in her mouth & yank it out.  Recently, I've been making faces at her and she sticks her tongue out, when I'm doing the same.  She loves to dance along with me and snuggle with us.  Penelope is already a sparkler, she is vivacious with a bit of attitude.  After our 1 month Peds appointment yesterday, we were informed that her demanding demeanor & cries, to be held, bounced, carried, & fussed with are just that....her personality not really a gas issue.  It seems babies that are "sparklers" tend to be "A" type, very focused, determined, over achievers that need a challenge.  We were also informed that the personality shown even this young is their personality in the later years.  With that in mind, we are truly in for it!  She is going to make us grey & tired.  Wait, more tired than now?!  SHEESH!   : )

My lil Penelope Rose is an absolute love of my life...can't leave my hubby out on that one!!  Even with her "A" type personality, the tiredness she makes me endure, and her demands, I can not get enough of her!  I love to snuggle her, make faces at her, dance with her, take her for peaceful walks, kiss her to an oblivion, and simply tend to her hoping to be the best mommy possible for her.  I can not get enough of my lil Piparoo & am constantly mesmerized by her every single day.  The love for a child is crazy intense, definitely nothing like it out there!!

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