Thursday, September 5, 2013

Enjoying the Calm

Finally we are feeling normal & calm.  Penelope was gassy & barely consolable for slightly over 2 weeks.  Yikes!!!  She's still not 100% but better.  It took a toll as we could not bare to hear her cry due to being uncomfortable & had minimal ways to console her.  She was crying so much on & off & was difficult to put to sleep.  I pray & knock on wood all the time, that she doesn't develop colic.  I am terrified of it!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, one of my worst fears!!!  While Penelope had this gas issue & was experiencing a growth spurt, we were very limited as to where we could go, let's face it, no one likes a crying grumpy baby, even a newborn.  We were exhausted & stressed & so was she.

With little help from a homeopathic gripe water & Mylicon imitation, (I believe none of that really worked, maybe gave some minor comfort to her) she is finally better!!!  PHEW!!!!  I really believe time passing & her digestive system maturing a tad, was the real cure.  We are wedging rolled up blankets & putting her on her side for daily naps, as that seems to help her sleep. (Already a picky sleeper, hahaha)!!   I know, I know, it's a SIDS thing but I wouldn't do this unless it's day time & either Jay or myself can keep a constant eye on her.  At night, she sleeps flat on her back in the Moses Basket, next to my side of the bed.

I do wonder why no one gave us a heads up to this gas thing & the amount of time it takes to get better.  Thanks, friends & family with kids!!!  ; )  I hope that the crabby fussy baby bs is long gone at least for awhile.  It's heartbreaking when your baby is uncomfortable, overly tired, & experiencing wretched gas pains.  It's so hard to deal with this when you are overtired & can't truly fix the problem.  I really believe that for us, the issue was simply her little system developing.  Neither of us has any concrete food allergies & red flags of allergies was not prevalent in Penelope.  (I am not officially diagnosed but believe to have a gluten allergy, I will be getting an allergy test done soon).

It's amazing, the calm after the storm!!! We feel great, she feels great!!  We're all happy & relaxed, thanks be to God!!   : )

Fingers Crossed, Knocking on Wood, & Praying my lil babe feels better stat!!

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