Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January's Citrus Lane Box

January's Citrus Lane Box was a pretty good one.  Although as of late, I've been contemplating canceling the subscription, I may keep it going.  Everything received is enjoyed by Pippa.

We got the Baby Car from Plan Toys, which is easy for her to play with, as it folds up like a slinky.  It is made of natural rubber wood & bright in color, which is appealing to her.  It does go really far when pushed too.

The Cozy Rattle Pal from Little Taggies is great.  Pipps loves the taggies, rattle, & friendly face of the giraffe.

Cleo in the Snow from Barefoot Books is a cute book.  The simple script is a tad simple for me to enjoy but the bright colorful pages & cartoon images seem to appeal to Penelope.

Travel Dish Soap from Dapple was at first a little, "eh".  But came in hand when we ran out of dish soap.  I did like this dish soap as it is non-toxic, natural, & cleans thoroughly.

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