Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hopes for 2014

I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday season!  I definitely enjoyed this Holiday season, as it was our first Christmas & New Year with our daughter and we enjoyed time with friends and family.  I am anxious to see what this year has entailed for everyone.  There are babies on the way, shopping for homes, growing older & wiser, weddings, & business ventures.

We had one heck of a year.  A lot has changed & we look forward to some wonderful possibilities, that are on the horizon.  A few things that are nearing are Penelope turning 5 months, then (really?!) 6 months in February.  Not to mention, I'm turning a whopping 33 this Valentine's day, which has a cool ring to it….02/14/2014.

I do hope for growth within my blog, a possible part time business venture for myself, a possible pregnancy, shedding the baby weight, maybe even buying a home.  I do look forward to 2014 & bringing you some pretty cool blogs & especially more makeup videos!  Sorry for my lack of this past Mani Monday, I was set to do one but sliced my finger (while cooking) pretty bad & did not want to expose my open wound (near nail) to such elements.

As always, my resolutions are to become more open minded & be better than the year prior.  I look forward to 2014 & hope you do too.  It shall be a wonderful year for everyone!!


Included are some past monthly progression photos of my sweet lil Penelope.

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