Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Clarisonic Love!!!

So for Christmas I received a Clarisonic Mia.  I may be one of the last people on earth to have one, maybe not.  I truly believe EVERYONE on this earth should have one!!!!!

This item has performed magic on my skin.  I did have a little purging for the first week & a half, but found pure joy knowing my skin was getting a deep cleaning.  I use the sensitive skin brush, as this is the most common brush for all skin types.  There are various brush heads for different concerns.  This is to be used once a day, I use it once a day for 6 days.  I like to let my skin relax for a day, without it's use.  

My pores are shrinking, being cleaned thoroughly, fine lines are even fading.  This lightly sloughs off dead skin, impurities, and makeup.  I have been using mine with Fresh's Soy face cleanser.  I LOVE this cleanser too!!!  It smells super fresh & cleans great without leaving my skin tight & dry.  This cleanser is great as a little bit goes a long way.  

Please invest in one or ask for it as a gift, you will be SO glad you did!!  My skin feels absolutely AMAZING!!!!!  

You can get this one below at Sephora for $125.00  I know this can be a lot for some, but I promise it is well worth it.  The knock off choices are not nearly as good as this one oscillates getting your skin super clean & improving skin's texture & overall radiance.  


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