Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Business Venture

I have been thinking long & hard about doing a part time gig with direct sales.  I really miss getting out, enjoying the company of others, & making a little of my own money.  I do not have any intentions of going with anything, such as I did with Mary Kay.  I plan on simply having fun & going light & easy breezy with it.

I am torn between two passions & two companies.  I am torn between Votre Vu Skincare & Makeup & Stella & Dot Jewelry.

Votre Vu has some TRULY AMAZING products, I certainly have a lot more passion for the products than I did Mary Kay.  I also LOVE the "soiree" concept as no one has to remove their makeup & reapply their "face", yet you're still learning proper skin care & makeup application….and with honest to goodness AMAZING products.  I love that the products have ingredients that a spa quality & natural.  The line is made in France equaling top of the line.  I have tried SO many products & have to say, everything I tried I was completely blown away by the results.  They also offer amazing client advantages.

Stella & Dot Jewelry has beautiful pieces & who doesn't LOVE jewelry?!  They are quality pieces occasionally seen on celebrities for fairly reasonable prices.  Stella & Dot has some pretty great offers for clients, as well.  Some of their pieces are SO beautiful.

I am torn as I love both companies & their concepts.  I of course have a true passion & love for skin care & makeup, but can't help pondering the jewelry alternative.

Please help me decide….which sounds more appealing to you? And which would make you want to get some friends together by simply popping a bottle of wine & having some fun while earning free stuff?


I totally promise to not be as nuts as I was with Mary Kay but of course, will ask for your support hosting a get together.  : )

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