Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Citrus Lane December Box

December's Citrus Lane Box was very impressive compared to last month's box.  
As seen below our box contained a Handprint Keepsake, which is exciting.  I've been wanting to get one of these.  I am not sure if this will be an ornament, decor for Penelope's room or in the house, or maybe a gift for Grammie?!   Either way, I look forward to making this.  

We received a "lovey", aka "cozie" which was a pink piggy.  This is a great lovey as it is small & super soft.  We do own several lovies at this point but Penelope does seem to enjoy this one as well.  

The Rira Clutching Toy is pretty cool.  It is made of wood with fun vibrant colors.  It is made in Germany & stained rather than painted with nontoxic, water based colors.  The colored rings can be manipulated by turning & shake.  This simple toy is a favorite for baby Pipp.

Lastly, the Snuggly Lotion from Episencial.  This is an organic lotion for babies & children.  I love this lotion for the cherry almond scent.  I have tried it on Pipp & it is hydrating & nourishing, although her California Baby Calendula Cream is best for these chilly winter days.  

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