Monday, July 29, 2013

Bronze Goddess

This summer has been my pastiest of all.  Normally, I am a sun worshiper.  I will either hit the public pool, my friend's pool, or even pull out a kiddie pool in my yard.  This summer as I have been pregnant and we have had the crappiest pool weather, I have not worked on my Vitamin D allowance, at all.

I have always been a huge lover of self tanner.  Heck, I prepped my skin for my Mexico wedding, basked in the sun in Mexico, and then even added self tanner to get my best possible tan for my wedding day & reception back home.

As I have used self tanner since the 8th grade, I have years of practice and tried many different kinds.  I have tried to find a dark enough self tanner to accommodate for my lack of summer sunbathing and had a difficult time finding one that would give me the best color while not having to use more than 1 brand & minimal amount of applications.  

I normally am a huge advocate for St. Tropez Bronzing Lotion and Mousse.  I love the color these give my skin on top of a base tan, for fall, winter, or spring months, or even the color I get from 2 back to back applications.  I love that they don't get overly stinky & never turn orange, hence the greenish brown base color when applying.  I have found that these fade quicker than I'd care for, even with proper exfoliation & moisturization, which makes sense as they are lighter in color. I am also a huge fan of Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Creme and Intense Self Tanning Tint.  Clarins Delicious Creme is beautiful for color, lasts nicely but is not quite dark enough to make up for the amount of color I get in the summer.  The Intense tint is a little difficult to get the right amount mixed with lotion, as it is very watery.  This is much nicer for face & décolleté, as these areas are washed more frequently and fade quick.  I have attempted booths that spray you down but believe these fade unevenly & can get costly.  I like these best when added to an existing base tan.  I also have attempted getting air brushed, while this gives beautiful color, fades fairly nicely yet a tad splotchy, is very expensive to have done consistently.

Needless to say, my standard St. Tropez was not cutting it for color depth, nor wearability for summer months.  I then attempted adding Jergen's Gradual body & face tanners in Medium-Dark.  I slathered them on daily hoping to enhance my St. Tropez color, only to find myself not very pleased.
I then thought I'd try using the L'Oreal Sublime Airbrush Tan in Medium-Dark.  Not only is this product very disappointing in the way it is applied but the color was a bit too orange and faded extremely unevenly.  Not worth the $8.

With much research and angst, I decided to give St. Tropez's new "Dark" Bronzing Mousse a try.  I was hesitant because I was worried I'd spend the $40 to simply be stuck with a product that could be either too dark, fade badly, or fade too quickly.
This turned out to be THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!  I anxiously prepped my skin the day I knew the self tanner would arrive at my door step.  I was excited, nervous, yet so anxious to give this a try.  I was so hopeful that this would be the perfect self tan for summer!!  I do apply self tanner to my face & décolleté mid-week to keep the color.

This self tanner is well worth every dollar spent!  The color goes on VERY DARK, almost scary, but when rinsed/washed off the following day, leaves you with an incredibly gorgeous tan!  The color does fade very evenly and not as quickly as other self tanners' or it's sister product, The standard Mousse.  It does not have a funky smell at all, yet is best applied at night due to the tint being SUPER dark.  It does rub off on clothing & bedding but washes right out without any staining.

Tips for perfect color:
1. Exfoliate & shave prior to self tanning.
2.  Moisturize thoroughly with a light weight lotion or body &/or face oil.
3.  I prefer applying from bottom working my way up.
4.  Mix a little lotion with self tanner for feet & hand application.  Don't forget to clean up feet & hands with a damp cotton square & clean around nails well.
* For best back application, purchase a lotion applicator.  Don't forget to wear gloves when applying your self tanner.

Happy Tanning, folks!!

Where I purchased my items:
local cvs, walgreens, or jewel grocery store.

lotion or mousse applicator
purchased at

Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Creme

Clarins Intense Self Tanning Tint

Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse
* This color is really pretty for spring

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!!  St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse
Perfect summer color

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse
My fav for fall, winter, spring.

St. Tropez Bronzing Lotion

Jergens Natural Glow Self Tanner Medium - Dark
*Great for a light boost of color or very pale skin tones

Clarins Self Tanning Gel
*Light, natural hint of color.  I recommend for pale skin or if you prefer a hint of sun kissed glow.

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush
Great concept & great price but I was not a fan.  : /

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