Monday, February 24, 2014

Mani Monday

Wooo!!!  I've fallen off the map a bit.  It's nuts over here, we're preparing for Penelope's baptism, which is Sunday.  Not only that, but Pipp has become slightly clingy (typical for this age…6.5 months).  Jay & I were sick for the past two weeks & Jay has been hogging the computer.  : )  

I am trying to rearrange my schedule to fit my (Insane Amount) day to day schedule, so bare with me.  I promise to get some fun stuff out!!

Hope everyone is awesome & Happy Monday…it's the start of another lovely week!

So, last night I popped into my nearest Sally's Beauty Supply.  I needed buffers, files, & Seche Vite Top Coat.  Of course, I scanned the nail polish over & over & over.  I found an Orly The Original French Manicure Kit.  With the baptism coming up, I thought this would perfect to test out, plus it could be my baptism day polish.  Yes, I totally think about these things in advance.  The kit is labeled "pink".  The kit contains Orly Top2 Bottom (ooohhhh, duh Top 2 Bottom) a base & top coat.  This stuff offers UV protection= no yellowing from the sun.  There is also a shade called Pink Nude & white color, White Tips.  Direction description & guide stickers.  

The accomplished look was very time consuming, but I anticipated that.  I began my mani & the french mani process around 7:30pm and had slight sheet marks on my nails=too much polish…go lighter.  Lesson learned.  I am glad I test drove it because, I could've gone thinner with the polish.  I also think I may utilize one of my Essie's for the sheer color, rather than the Pink Nude.  I'd like something a little more sheer & pinker.  All in all, I could've gotten a new white polish, UV top coat, & guide stickers for roughly the same, maybe a little less.  
Ultimately, I am enjoying playing with something different yet classic.  

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