Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Favorite Products for January

So many goodies for the month of January, mostly due to my mom's awesome stocking stuffers.  She always gives the BEST stocking goodies.  

So for skincare, my favorites this month are the Clarisonic Mia, Fresh Soy Face Wash, Mojo Spa Clarifying Facial Mask, Egyptian Magic Face Cream, Kiehl's Creme De Corps body cream, Josie Maran Argan Oil, Jergens Natural Glow Body Lotion & Face Lotion Medium to Dark shade.

For makeup my favorites this month are the NARS Guy Bourdin palette & Physicians Formula Blush in Blushing Mocha.  

The Clarisonic Mia is an amazing tool everyone should own & use.  It's a facial cleansing brush that removes impurities, sloughs dead skin, & improves skin's tone & texture.  

Fresh Soy Face Wash is a gentle, effective cleanser for all skin types.  This cleanser suds up & smells great, while thoroughly removing makeup & grime that gets on the skin through out the day.  

Mojo Spa Clarifying Mask is a gentle soft mask that detoxifies & balances skin.  The mask states that it's best for acne prone skin, yet the driest of skin can benefit from this puppy.  
It smells like heaven & has poppy seeds, which aid in exfoliation.  

Egyptian Magic Face Cream is truly magic.  A tiny bit goes a long way & moisturizes beautifully, making the skin looking impeccable.  It is a rich moisturizer but great for all skin types.  It has saved my skin a great deal with this dry, bitter winter.

Kiehl's Creme De Corps body cream (grapefruit scented) is another magical item.  This one is specifically a whipped version and leaves your skin feeling richly hydrated.  After using this amazing body cream, it truly makes your skin look & feel better.  

Josie Maran Argan Oil, I use this for my face, neck, and décolleté.  I use a different less expensive version on my hair.  Argan Oil has essential fatty acids & heals any skin ailments.  It moisturizes well as a light moisturizer.  I really love this as a serum before moisturizer.  

Jergens Natural Glow Face & Body Lotion has been my savior this winter.  I tried to embrace my pale skin in the fall & did pretty well without using any self tanners, but this harsh Chicago winter has pushed me to endure a gradual tanner.  I personally LOVE having a bit of a glow all the time, while in spring & summer, LOVE a deeper tan.  This stuff gives my skin a pretty glow & much needed warmth.  

As for makeup, I have a ton of favorites heading your way for February & chose only a couple as January was more focused on skin care.

The NARS Guy Bourdin palette is an ultimate fav.  The shadows, blush, & bronzer, & gloss are so pretty & wearable.  The light highlight shade is probably one of my favorite highlighters.  The warm brown is beautiful & really makes my eyes pop.  The black is a richly pigmented black, great for lining.  The blush looks almost like Orgasm but is so much prettier.  The bronzer is similar to Laguna but not quite the perfection of it, still pretty though.  The gloss is (I believe) Deep Throat & a pretty barely pigmented gloss.  I love wearing the warm brown on my lid & in my crease, this is an easy way to wear it, while still being fun & pretty.  I actually prefer wearing a lipstick with the gloss on top, as I like color on my lips.  But for running out to do errands I like the gloss alone with my day makeup.  

Physicians Formula Blush in Blushing Mocha is similar to a bronzer.  It is beautiful for contouring & adds a soft warm glow to your skin.  Need I say more: Blake Lively's favorite blush/bronzer.  So of course, I was sold.  LOVE Blake Lively!!!  : )  This is a really pretty blush that goes beautifully with any lip color & especially red lips.

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