Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Brow Sculpt & Tint Tutorial

Hi guys!!  Sorry it's been so long!  We've been super busy lately.

As I was in DESPERATE need of doing my brows, I thought I'd throw a tutorial your way.  Now please keep in mind, I really truly recommend getting your brows done by a pro, as they can easily be goofed up.  Also, all brows are different.  It completely depends on what you already have to work with, your natural shape, and what you want; such as full & natural or high arch & thinner.  I always consult before I mark my brow territory & then show you what I'd like to remove & keep & so forth.  Most pros should do this unless you've been going to the same person & really happy with your shape. Shape does depend on your face too!!  Everyone should get a customized brow as in everyone's face is different & natural brow is different too.  Also some good tips to know! Both brows are never truly 100% identical.  Overly thin brows are out & steer away from hooks or question marks.  Brows should have a little more density & rhythm...they should connect!  As we head into tinting....don't EVER tattoo your brows!!!! This should never ever happen! It never looks good on anyone!!!!  Cheers to your best brows! : )

Set up for waxing & tinting.  Should be very clean & Aesthetician should use
a new stick for each wax application.  
I used to be on the fence with brow tinting but fell in love with it, when I had it done in November for my wedding in Mexico.  My brows are super light & wanted a little color for days at the pool & beach & for quick getting ready to hit the town, with little maintenance.  I actually recommend brow (& lash) tinting for everyone.  The tint will enhance your natural beauty & give you pretty definition to frame your eyes. I am also a HUGE fan of eye lash tinting...tutorial coming soon!!  These services, I highly recommend having done by a pro, as well, as they can be very tricky.

1. Measure "start" of brow by aligning stick with
corner of outer nostril straight up.
2. Measure arch by aligning stick with
outer edge of nose/corner running
straight through pupil.  This
can change depending on width of face & nose. FYI

3. Align stick with corner of nose & outer edge
of eye.

4. Note: marks made for start, arch, & end.
I measured the other brow between photos.
5. Connect the lines.  Your brow shape should have
straight lines connecting your start, arch, & end. 

6. Comb brow hairs to prep for trimming.  
8. The last half of the brow should be combed
downward & trimmed with scissors curving down.
9. Start by waxing the middle area.  Apply
muslim strip pressing up & down.  Taught the skin
& yank muslim in a downward motion.

7. The front half of the brow should typically be trimmed up top
with the slanted scissors curved up.

11. Follow with top from arch to end.
Follow the same directions & don't
forget to taught the skin.
13. Apply wax from arch to end.  Follow with muslim.

12. Apply wax from start to arch.  Always press
muslim in direction of hair growth & pull in opposite

14. Always prep skin prior to tint
application by coating the skin around the brow
with either vaseline or a jojoba oil.  This
prevents staining on the skin.
In a small bowl squirt your color of choice.
There is no need for a ton of color
as this is a small area of hair.
*My favorite pro tint brand is Intensive.
Anything from Sally's Beauty Supply is
not worth purchasing.

15. Squirt the same amount of developer ......
16. Mix with applicator brush.
17. Apply color to brow hairs.
Color is light & becomes darker...

Color darkens
End result of my color choice
"Middle Brown".

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