Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Nursery

As we prepare my old dressing room to be a nursery, we are utilizing our resources as much as possible.  We purchased a used glider & ottoman from an Oak Park neighbor, which I will change the pad covers with a fabric, I found at an Oak Park Resale shop.  Our crib was given to us by my lovely sister in-law.  An old dresser of mine, we plan to sand down & paint a lovely shade of mint green, while changing the knobs, which I've been scoping out, from anthropologie.com.  A changing table is being passed on by my sweet aunt, which may get sanded down & painted.  I have some other fun girlie items that will get painted & reused or simply used to give our little girl's nursery some personality.  I love that we are reusing so many things as it gives the nursery our own fun loving recycled vibe.
As we discussed things we liked & disliked regarding nursery decor.  We agreed to go with a palette of fun loving colors (no pink...as I don't really care for pink much) and deck the walls with maps and woodland animals.  We weren't very fond of the nursery themes we found available, so we went with things, we thought would be special.   I found some great ideas from Etsy and can't wait to get this room finished.
I am so anxious for this little one to arrive!!!! Happy 26 weeks, this Thursday!! Only 2 weeks away from beginning our 3rd trimester. (YIPPPEEEE!!!!!!)

Some undecided items are seen below.  Comment & let me know, which you like best.  : )

mint, blue, yellow, peach, coral colors

another version of our color combos

different shades of mint
homey and delicate


not quite this bright but inspiration

one map we chose, above.  will get framed can be found at uncommongoods.com

another map to be framed as wall art.  uncommongoods.com

we can't decide on the fox or rabbit shown below.  But these wall hooks are too adorable!

possible dresser knobs

another hook that I'd love to place on the back of the nursery door.

another dresser knob possibility

rabbit wall hook

rabbit dresser knobs

room inspiration

hedgehog clock

owl clock etsy.com

fox clock etsy.com

squirrel/rabbit clock etsy.com

fox clock etsy.com

duck in pond clock etsy.com

you are my sunshine wall art, already planning on a peach or coral color.

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  1. I love all the ideas here I really like the mint green and coral together. So much fun to decorate! I am so excited for you
    XxX OoO