Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pacifier Clip Tutorial.....Hope you Enjoy!!!

Hi all!!!  Hope you're all doing amazingly well!!!
I've been going crazy making pacifier clips and thought I'd share how to make them yourself.  They are really very easy.  I got my inspiration from a pin on Pinterest.  This is the link with the original tutorial.

1. Start with supplies.  Cut fabric 10" L x 3" W
Suspender clips, ribbon, scissors, sewing machine.


2. Clip, Fabric, Ribbon.  Taking the fabric length
wise, fold so edges touch inside out & sew together,
untuck fabric to right side showing.  This hides the stitch.
I prefer having the sewn seem running down the middle of
the fabric.

3. Fold end over clip.  Tuck frayed edge under.
4. Sew stitch & clip excess thread.

5. Fold 7" L ribbon in half.
6. Tuck fabric edge into itself to hide frayed edge.
Tuck folded ribbon into pocket of fabric.
7. Stitch along edge to hold ribbon into

8. TADA!!!!
Here are the many I have made.
You can make SO many!  They are quick & easy!

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