Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chocolate Cake Monday

Obviously this post is going out mid-week & not on a Monday, but I did make the cake Monday.  So I had the Monday blues & with preggo cravings decided I NEEDED Chocolate Cake!!

I looked into some recipes based on what we had available in the house.  I decided to go with this recipe

and for the frosting

The cake turned out amazing, super moist & like a real, old fashioned chocolate cake.  The frosting is delish but the recipe advises to add tablespoons of milk or light cream to adjust the spread & consistency.  Well, I think I could've done without this because the frosting turned out runnier than I would have liked.  Still all in all it was yummy.  I would recomend both recipes!

I am unsure of whether this will turn into a regular thing.  I mentioned on Facebook, I may do a different chocolate cake every Monday for a year but am teetering because that can get overly dangerous!   Hahaha!!!

Give it a try...Happy Baking!

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