Friday, April 19, 2013

More About Me...

I thought I'd share a little info about myself.  My name is Vanessa and I was born and raised just outside of Chicago.  I am in my early 30's and LOVE beauty & fashion.  I was raised by an amazing woman (my mom & surrounded by strong women with strong sense of themselves) who always taught me girlie fashion and beauty.  I wore makeup and enjoyed fashion, even while attending an all girls school, during my last years of high school.  After graduating Trinity College Prep in River Forest, I attended Pivot Point International Beauty School, studying Aesthetics.  I have maintained my Aesthetician license since 2001.  Prior to beauty school, I worked in the beauty industry and continued to do so for the past 13 years, searching for my niche...which I still haven't quite found. 
I do strongly believe in good skin care ethics, maintaining one's self image & having fun in the process.  I love learning from others in the industry (or with just an interest in beauty) and do not think you are ever too advanced to learn in this profession.  I continue to take courses that advance my skills.  
I simply hope to gain insight from others & possibly a clientele to keep me busy, as I grow my blog & my own lil family.  I hope you enjoy everything I throw into cyber space & please do not hesitate to ask questions or request insight.  

Smile, being a lady is fun & we should enjoy each other more!
Vanessa Elise

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